1. Drink plenty of water


Continue drinking plenty of water in this season as it is important to keep your body hydrated every time.

2. Always wash your face

Always wash your face, hands and feet as soon as you reach your home with lukewarm water. This not only leaves you feeling refreshed but also prevents bacterial and fungal infections.


3. Use proper shampoo for the scalp


Monsoons are notorious for itchy scalps, flaking and dandruff. Include a good anti-dandruff shampoo that is mild and also provides moisturization at the same time. Some of the ingredients to look out for are PiroctoneOlamine and Vitamin B5

4. Wash your hairs weekly

Wash your hair at least twice or thrice a week and keep the scalp dry to avoid fungal and bacterial infections.


5. Keep using sunscreen


Keep using the sunscreen (SPF 30) even on cloudy days for protection from harmful radiation. You could also opt for a sweat-proof sunscreen to ensure that the humidity in the air doesn’t wear the sunscreen off.